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Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - 4th Edition (WAIS-IV)

The WAIS-IV is an individually administered, norm-referenced measure of cognitive ability.  The test is composed of ten Subtests (plus five optional subtests), which are reported as Scale Scores with a mean of 10 and standard deviation of 3.  Four composite scores (Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory and Processing Speed) and a Full Scale IQ are reported as Standard Scores, with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15.  Scores ranging from 90-109 are considered to be within the Average range. 

Scale Score

Std. Score

Verbal Comprehension        
 Block Design        
 Matrix Reasoning        
 Visual Puzzles        
 (Figure Weights)      
 (Picture Completion)      
Perceptual Reasoning        
 Digit Span        
 (Letter-Number Sequence)        
Working Memory        
 Symbol Search        
Processing Speed        
FULL SCALE        

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